My name is Maddy, as in Madilyn.
I live in ON. Canada, in the boring little town of Port Colborne.

The purpose of my bio, and this whole new-found “blog life” really, is to give people a little insight on my journey of truly finding out who I am. How a twenty-one year old girl can find happiness again, and I’m sharing my tips and tails of how I’m making that happen.

I woke up.
June 22nd, 2017.
I woke up, and I found myself going through the same routine, every damn day. Seeing the same people, watching the same shows, talking to the same faces and hearing nothing new, nothing exciting, no passion of any sort, no ambition to get up and go for a run or to even get out of bed in general, watching the clock tick and tick until the day was over. How boring is that? How boring does life have to be for a person to feel like they are waking up after a long boring slumber?

Heres how I’m doing it, hope you follow the journey xxo.