Short, but sweet.

hello, friends, and fellow readers.
I’m going to start by asking you two questions to answer honestly.
How old are you?
How old do you act?
No, I’m not talking about how old you are according to your fake ID you got from that one girl with similar features as you. I’m talking about how old you are according to that thing called a birth certificate the day your mum popped you out.

Me? I’m twenty-one.
How old do I act? About thirty.

See I have this mindset that I am supposed to have everything figured out. I get mad at myself constantly because of I’m not where I think I should be in life. I’m physically stressing out over it. I want a house, a full-time career, a family and a place to call home. No matter how I got it. No matter how many times my mum, dad, professors, doctors, told me “you’re only twenty-one” I just didn’t see it. I’m impatient.

So some pretty dramatic experiences happened to me recently and it caused my mind to do a complete 180.
No, I’m not going into detail about my life pretty much falling apart but you get the point. Now I look at it like, I’m twenty-one. Why on earth would I have really anything figured out?
A house, with bills, mortgage, taxes? Yuck.
A family? Well, I already have a family, two sisters, parents and a niece.
And at last, a place to call home. Who doesn’t want that? Here’s what I learned. Home is where you feel comfortable, like where you can sing in the shower without a care. Where you can wake up at 3 a.m and somehow make it to the kitchen for a snack.
It can also be a person. I found a home in a person, and no matter where we were as long as we were together it was home. I was comfortable.
Here’s the thing about comfortable, comfortable isn’t permanent. Sure it feels like home and seems like you can be comfortable forever, but honestly whats the fun in that?
What’s so fun about acting like a thirty-something-year-old when I’m twenty-one?

I now worry about different things, like where I’m going for my next drink. What I am going to wear today, sweats? a dress? Am I going to get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight? Where am I even going to sleep tonight? And you know what, it feels damn good. It feels really good to act twenty-one again. See there’s nothing wrong with acting older than you are because some people are very mature, had to grow up faster than others to take care of themselves and that’s fine. Just make time to have fun.

Make time to go out with that one friend you haven’t talked to in forever. Make time to call up your best friend, go for a drive down a windy road blasting whatever track that makes you feel on top of the world. Meet up with that guy who’s been liking all of your selfies and let him buy you a drink, even if it sucks you have a beer in your system. Go to that bar that everyone you don’t like is at and look fine as hell and dance the night away. My point is to make time to be twenty-one, or nineteen, or however old you are, because soon you will be thirty something, with a house, family and a place to call home and will be wishing you were younger.

Don’t be impatient, enjoy your surroundings, and if you don’t then change them. Have meaningful conversations about what you wanna be, your life goals, where you want to travel, and if your bank account looks something like 0.03$ then save up for that plane ticket, get air miles, get motivation.

All I am saying is, act your age, and enjoy it.
Don’t act your age and enjoy it.
Just find a way to truly enjoy this little thing we call life before we have the responsibilities of a thirty-something-year-old.



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